Hello, I’m Zakia, and my work lies under the umbrella of wellbeing. This includes being mum of  two young adults, working as a primary school teacher, a breathwork and mindfulness practitioner and a wellbeing Life Coach.  My journey into the world of holistic Wellness has not only shaped my professional life but also inspired my personal mission.

Breath as My Superpower

Breath has been the cornerstone of my existence. Having battled severe asthma as a child, and experiencing its recurrence in adulthood, I developed a profound connection with conscious breathing. I consider it my superpower, an unwavering source of strength and resilience. 

Through challenging times in life, breathwork has helped me embark on a transformative journey, providing a powerful tool to regulate my emotions and restore balance to my nervous system, especially during challenging times. During these moments of stress or anxiety, intentional and deep breathing acts as a calming anchor, helping me connect with the present moment and release pent-up tension. 

As I incorporate breathwork into my daily routine, I’ve noticed a profound shift in my overall emotional well-being. It serves as a reliable ally, offering solace and tranquillity, reminding me of the inherent power within the simple act of breathing. In the face of life’s challenges, 

The breath has become my super power as  It acts as a reset button for my mind, fostering mental clarity and a heightened sense of self-awareness. This holistic approach to well-being through breathwork has become an integral part of my daily routine, enhancing the quality of my life.

Contact me to find out how your breath can become your Superpower.